Meet our somms

Nikki Contini-Hume

A native Ohioan, Nikki spent eight years living in the Bay Area a stone’s throw away from several well known wine regions. During her tenure in California she explored many of the larger and smaller vineyards, giving her a broad perspective on approaches to wine. While appreciating many types of wine, Nikki’s blood runs red and she favors a Brunello from Italy or a Pinot Noir from California. Nikki has a Masters of Science in Education and taught elementary and middle school art. She recognizes that winemaking is a form of art where every decision can lead to a new expression of joy to be experienced by everyone. Nikki is a Sommelier WSET Level 2.

Kaitlyn Coleman

Born in New Jersey, Kaity spent most of her life living on the Jersey Shore until an opportunity to move across the country to the Pacific Northwest arose. For five and a half years, Kaity immersed herself in the Oregonian wines particularly the Pinot Noir’s from the Willamette Valley and Dundee Hills areas. Even with the historical focus on reds, Kaity’s wine education has led to branching out into new territory. She now appreciates California bubbles and Albariños from Spain. Kaity has a Masters of Science in Special Education and taught history and case managed students with disabilities. She believes that every bottle of wine, like people, has a story to tell and that history can inform the lives we want to live and the wines we want to drink. Kaity is a Sommelier WSET Level 2.

Drop-In Wine was created around a campfire of friends who understand that a glass of wine shared can lead to a richer life lived.

You don’t need to live in wine country to embark on a wine adventure. Drop-In Wine’s mission is to make wine accessible regardless of where you live or your taste.

The academic backgrounds of the Drop-In Wine founders create an atmosphere where the participants will leave an event knowledgeable about how to taste and assess a wine leading to a broader understanding of their wine preferences.

Allow us to bring the best of the vineyard to you!

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