How do I pay for my event?

We currently accept cash, check, or venmo (@dropinwine). At this time, Drop-In Wine does not accept credit cards.

How do I get my wine?

Drop-In Wine selects your wine based on your preferences and brings it to your event. We work with local distributors to bring the best of the vineyards to you!

What will happen if a guest appears intoxicated before your event?

If a guest appears intoxicated, by law we cannot serve them. This guest will not be allowed to partake in the event.

Who provides the tasting location?

You provide the event location and we come to you! We DO NOT provide the event space.

What is the best wine tasting etiquette?

Please visit Wine Tasting Etiquette for our tips on the best wine tasting practices.

If I like a certain wine at my event, can I order more?

We do our best to select wines that are in stock with our distributors for your tasting event. We will provide order forms at your event should you want to purchase wine. All wine must be paid in full at the time of your event. We will do our best to order the wine for you through our distributors but cannot guarantee the wine will be in stock. Should it not be in stock, we will contact you to cancel your order.

We will contact you when your wine is ready!

Who provides the movie for date night?

We provide the movie set up, including HDMI cables, and you input your login information for the movie into an iPad provided by Drop-In Wine or you may connect your own electronic device. The movie may need to be downloaded if wifi connectivity is slow, so this will need to be done upon setting up. To speed up the process, you may want to download it beforehand on your own electronic device. We cannot download or play the movie for you! Please be aware, Disney+ does not allow streaming through a projector.

Will Drop-In Wine employees stay during date night or group tastings?

If you booked a date-night event, we will start the evening with a wine tasting and then leave the vicinity while you enjoy your movie and wine. At the end of your event we will return to clean up and tear down.

For group tastings we will be there for the entire tasting, pouring wine and taking you through the tasting process. Depending on the theme of your tasting and how you want to organize it, we will step away at certain times during your event to give you time to socialize and drink your wine.

Should people eat before a wine tasting?

It is always smart to consume alcohol on a full stomach. However, we would encourage you from staying away from strongly flavored foods that could modify your palate. See our Wine Tasting Etiquette.

Will food be provided at a tasting?

For the basic packages, the answer is no. However, you can customize and upgrade your package with one of our charcuterie add ons. Please inquire for pricing.

Can hosts provide their own food? And what should hosts provide guests to optimize their tasting?

Yes, hosts may provide their own food! Bread and unflavored crackers do a great job at cleansing the palate and absorbing alcohol. The following are recommendations for things that interact with your wine: acid, umami (savory), salt, sweet, fat/oil, and/or spice. These things will change the structure and flavor components of the wine you drink. So if you are devising an array of appetizers for your guests utilizing these flavor descriptors would be a great place to start. If you have any concerns or questions about your food choices, we are more than happy to help you with your menu.

How far in advance do you need to book?

We strongly encourage our clients to book two weeks in advance as we cannot guarantee availability. However, it cannot hurt to contact us, you might get lucky!

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We will be monitoring the weather during the week of your event. Unfortunately we cannot refund your event but we can reschedule it! If your event is scheduled for outdoors and thunderstorms, high winds, rain, and snow are in the forecast, we will be contacting you that week to either reschedule or move your event indoors. All of our events can be themed for indoor or outdoor use.

What is the rescheduling policy?

If you wish to reschedule your event, we need to be notified a minimum of 72 hours in advance and you must contact us within two weeks from the date of your original event to rebook.

What if I or one of my guests test positive for Covid-19 right before my event?

First and foremost, please see our Covid-19 policy. If the host of the event tests positive, you must reschedule. However, if one of your guests tests positive, then you may reschedule or ask that guest to stay home.

What COVID-19 measures are in place? What are your cleaning policies?

Your health and safety is our number one priority! Please read our COVID Policy here.

What happens if I spill wine on any rugs and/or furniture or break/damage any of the items provided by Drop-In Wine?

When you book with us, a cleaning fee is charged with your deposit. That fee can be applied to your final invoice cost in order to cover the damaged items.

Can I use your setup for a photoshoot? Can I tag you in my photos?

Yes, please take lots of pictures to capture the moment. We ask that you tag us @dropinwine.

Are kids allowed?

Children are not allowed to be seated at the table while we are serving alcohol. All guests seated at the table must be over 21 and provide us their ID prior to starting the tasting. Please, do not allow children to play with any equipment provided by Drop-In Wine.

How far do you travel?

Drop-In Wine serves the Greater Columbus area. If you are within 25 miles of Columbus city center, there is no travel fee. We are happy to serve everyone in Ohio, so anyone outside that 25 mile radius has a fee of $0.59/mile.

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