“He who knows how to taste, does not drink wine but savors secrets.” -Salvador Dali

Group Tastings.

Each event is approximately two hours.

Up to six people starts at $225 | Eight to Twelve people starts at $275 | Thirteen to Seventeen people starts at $300 | Eighteen to Twenty-Two people starts at $350

Please Contact Us for pricing for larger groups!

The Wine.

Want to feel like your tastebuds have traveled to Europe, Australia, or California? Have some special wines that remind you of a special someone? Or maybe you just want to sip and share some of your favorite varieties on a day that ends in Y. Discuss your desires, likes, and wishes with our SOMMS and they will identify wines to enjoy with your group.

The Tasting.

Our SOMMS will flow through a thorough tasting of the three to five wines chosen for your event. They will take you through the wine tasting process to distinguish your wine’s appearance, aromas, and palate.

The Setting.

In the comfort of your own home, our SOMMS will organize an event either indoor or outdoor.

Each event will include a table set up complete with tasting mat, tasting glasses, water glasses, water pitcher, linen napkins, table runner, and coordinating decor.

The Add-ons.

Add-ons are available if you wish to upgrade various items for your event. These include but are not limited to: charcuterie, dessert, outdoor lighting, and fresh flowers.

Prices Starting at $225*

Price does not include the cost of wine. Contact us to customize your package!

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