You only live once, so drink great wine!

Networking Events

Networking events are for groups larger than twenty people and are approximately two hours in duration.

A $300 service fee and half case of each varietal must be purchased.

The Wine.

Does your organization have a particular mindset they’ve been focusing on?  Or are you looking for a bonding experience for your employees?  Maybe you’re just looking to spoil some clients with an experience where they feel like they’ve left Ohio for a bit?  No matter the goal for the evening, choose three to five wine varieties and our SOMMS can identify wines that will be an experience for your clients or employees.

The Tasting.

Our SOMMS will flow through a thorough a tasting of the three to five wines chosen for your event. They will guide your guests through the wine tasting process to distinguish your wine’s appearance, aromas, and palate.  SOMMS will pour guest’s preferred wine and circulate to help guests distinguish characteristics as they sip and savor.

The Setting.

In a setting of your choosing, our SOMMS will organize a  tasting experience for your guests either indoor or outdoor.

Each guest will receive a tasting glass and card to use throughout the event.  Spittoons and water will be provided for dumping and rinsing.  Our SOMMS will have a decorated table where instruction for the evening will commence.

The Add-ons.

Add-ons are available if you wish to upgrade various items for your event. These include but are not limited to: charcuterie, dessert, outdoor lighting, and fresh flowers.

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