Wine Tasting 101.

How to enhance your wine tasting experience

Rule #1

Always be safe!

Driving under the influence is always a bad idea! Plan ahead and make sure all of your guests have a safe way to get home after finishing a wine tasting with Drop-In Wine!

Rule #2

Don’t drink on an empty stomach and stay hydrated

Tasting on an empty stomach is the fastest way to over-imbibe. Even when you sip lightly, the alcohol levels can add up before you know it. Make sure to eat beforehand, have snacks for your guests, or take advantage of one of our charcuterie add-ons! And make sure to drink as much water as wine!

Rule #3

Avoid wearing strong scents or eating strong flavors before a tasting

Wine tasting is a sensory experience that incorporates sight, smell, and taste. For that reason, it’s a general rule of wine tasting etiquette that one not wear heavy perfumes, colognes, or strongly scented body lotion to a tasting event. This can also include not burning highly scented candles before a tasting event as well. We don’t want you or your guests to focus on your perfume rather than the wine’s delicate aromas.

Avoid anything with strong flavors before a tasting. Be careful not to brush your teeth too close to your tasting. Coffee, gum, and foods with a lot of garlic or onions can impair your taste buds and affect your palate.

Rule #4

Dress in dark colors

Be prepared if you wear white. Accidents can happen so it’s best to dress in dark colors to better hide spills.

Rule #5

It’s okay to spit and dump

Don’t like a wine or just want to sample the wines? During a wine tasting, spitting and dumping out the excess wine in your glass is totally acceptable. Spittoons will be provided at your table to spit or dump, your Somms will not be offended! However, the wines Drop-In Wine provides for you are so good, you may want to ignore this tip!

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